Although I would prefer to paint outside, it is just not possible in so many situations.I have always loved photography and am always shooting scenes to paint. I always remember what it appeared like in real life. If the photo does not capture that, I can adjust it on screen, before I put paint to canvas. Having technology is such a gift. When I first learned how to use illustrator and photoshop software I was so excited it was like a new medium! Although a lot of graphic design is about technical details, I could still be creative in the layouts, photography and typography.

Creating some digital art for clients and myself has been very interesting too. Years ago photos were so much more difficult and expensive to develop. Excited about the fact that I can shoot as many pictures as I desire!  Also it’s simple to tile and print out large images, especially when they are the subject for a painting.

Now I feel that I have really found it…I love oil paint! When I mix a special colour it doesn’t dry right away, so I can continue working it. The depth of the colour and the buttery texture are fantastic. I can scoop it up and sculpt it onto my painting. This is why I prefer to paint on board for larger paintings, it does not move.

Starting with the under painting (First Notes), I establish light, shadows, foreground and distance. The lighter colours are used for distance, the purer colours for the foreground. Shadows are cool colours like purples and blues, light areas are warm yellows and orange. Building multiple layers with texture, daubs are placed next to and over each other freely with palette knife and brush. In some areas, I use almost an opposite colour for the base to what I will be applying on the following layers and leave some of it exposed. This creates a painting vibrating with colour and highly keyed tones. When sculpting the paint with my palette knife, I use large thick daubs for the foreground and as I move in the distance the daubs get smaller and change colour, simulating a 3D effect that is very textured.

I feel very fortunate to have discovered my passion for art that is and will continue to be very rewarding. Also I have to thank my good friends who have supported me and encouraged me to get back into painting full time.

To date I have displayed my artwork at various Wineries, Restaurants, Commercial spaces and Show Homes. I have participated in art exhibitions  and have viewings in my Studio/Gallery in Kelowna and Big White Ski Resort.

Numerous originals and some limited Giclee´ reproductions have now been purchased locally and abroad. I have my originals scanned professionally in one piece, they are uv treated and then I hand glaze them to give them texture. I prefer scanning my originals over photography because the scans show every little shadow detail of my strokes and produce a nice even light.

These images show the progression of one of my paintings…