Art Placement

Framing your art can give it a unique individuality. Frames should not be the same but should “go” with one another. For instance, a shiny metal frame would not look good next to a wood frame, but wooden frames made of different woods do go together.

Art should be a large part of your home décor. It can set the feel, energy and mood of a room. You will have a nice piece of art longer than a sofa or carpet. You should get the art you “love”, not because it is what everyone else is getting or popular at the time. The art not only has to be beautiful, but it has to feel right in its setting.

Light is a very important factor when placing art. My favourite styles are directional pot lights or track with incandescent or halogen bulbs with dimmers for mood. They make the art in the room a focal point, keep colours true and beautifully show all of shadows from the dramatic texture! Florescent light seems too harsh.

Start with the largest areas like your living or dining room. A good piece of art can serve as a starting point for colour highlights and for decorating the rest of the room. A painting over a bed can bring serenity to a room. The colours in the painting can be highlighted in the bedding and colours in the room. The smaller areas can be done over time.

The placement of the art is key. Generally, the arrangement or single larger piece should be hung at standing eye level (5’5″) except for areas where you will be seated – like dining and living rooms. It should go with the flow of the room. Some art has to be placed a bit higher – for example, over a fireplace. The most common mistake is placing art too high.

Choose the art in relation to the wall size and what’s around it. Consider furniture size if you are hanging art above it. The art should not be longer than the piece of furniture. It’s ok to stack pieces, just don’t overcrowd the art. Leave visual space between each piece. Keep the outside edges straight.

Horizontal sizes on a long dining room wall look fantastic!. Vineyard views and trees are perfect for these! I also like to place tall slim vertical sizes on narrow walls. The odd sizes are interesting to create as well!

I have painted some commissioned pieces for particular placement in clients homes. I have measured and created specific sizes and compositions for them. Of course, they have to be of subject matter I love to paint. I usually show clients a photograph of what the piece might be before I actually paint it. I have painted particular vineyards for clients, but I still prefer to choose several compositions myself from the property. With some paintings, clients can specify specific colours they would like me to use and I can find a scene to match their request.



On behalf of Brad and myself, I just wanted to send you a huge applause on the painting I commissioned by you as a gift for Brad. It was a pleasure to work with you on this project and I appreciate how you portrayed my vision, as well as adding your own creative flair.

The colours and texture are so rich I can picture myself standing in my own vineyard on a sunny Summer’s morning. You have a talent for bringing a story alive through your paintings.

Thank You for giving us a wonderful piece of the vineyards on Lake Okanagan to take with us wherever we are, to remind us how beautiful the Okanagan really is.

Continued success in your artistic journey!

All the best,

Pauline & Brad Hamatny


Dear Pamela,

Michele and I would like to congratulate you for the stunning painting that you meticulously created for our home. Our concept of a colourful and vibrant Okanagan panoramic view from the hills was skillfully painted from the imagination of a true artist. The detail is remarkable.

We are proud to be lucky enough to enjoy this fine piece, thank you!


Michael & Michele Neil, Mosaic Books


Below are some examples of art framed and hung.